We have a range of options for treating fine lines & wrinkles, these options are shown below.

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What will these services cost me?

All of our services are completed by volunteers with a shared ambition, to provide help to those that need it the most. This is not something that they see as work, they see it as giving back and making a difference, which is why it will be zero cost, 24/7.

Who is part of the Outreach team?

The Outreach team is always changing, volunteers are signing up and signing off every few weeks as workloads can vary. Our volunteers are generally graduates or professionals are usually individuals who are also from a minority or a disadvantaged background and so, resonate with this organisation.
Below is a snapshot of the industries and firms they work in:
- Consulting (Management, Technology Strategy) - Accenture, Deloitte, IBM - Investment Banking (IBD, Operations, Risk) - Schroders, JP Morgan, UBS - Government/NGOs - Civil Service, Home Office - Telecoms - BT, Vodafone, Virgin/Liberty Global - Banking (Finance, Operations, Commercia/Consumer) - RBS, Barclays, Lloyds, HSBC

What is the requirements for applicants?

All we can is your time and effort when requesting services from Outreach. Carefully consider our advice, respond to our feedback and review our service, so that we can perfect it for your fellow students.

What is the actual process after enrolling?

  1. Choose a service. It can be one or it can be all of them*.
  2. Enroll into Outreach and specify what service you require and your target industry.
  3. Your application and documents are received by us and we will allocate you to one or more of our Outreach volunteers (in your chosen industry).
  4. Depending on your chosen service, they will either review your documents and provide tailored and in depth feedback, or they will work and assist you going forward, through virtual meetings and practice (e.g. interviews/group assessment support).
  5. Once you are happy with our service, you can opt to continue building a relationship with us here and request additional support, or no longer utilize our offering.
  6. We will usually send a feedback request to each candidate, asking for recommendations to help improve the Outreach programme.
*Mentoring is by application and selection only.

Further questions?

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We also offer a range of Injectables as an alternative option, please contact us for more information.

Not sure which treatments you need? Not to worry, we will assess your concerns in a FREE Consultation and work with you to create a bespoke package to achieve fantastic, long lasting results at the best price.


We are very competitive with our pricing and offer a great Price Match service. We will always try to match any official quote you have received, if the treatment is with the same globally recognised equipment as ours and is within 10 miles of our clinic.

Harmony XL Pro (iPixel)

Single treatments start from £250

Save up to £300 with a course of 6

Exilis Ultra

Single treatments start from £150

Save up to £150 with a course of 6

Non-Invasive Mesotherapy

Single treatments start from £120

Save up to £120 with a course of 6


Single treatments start from £120

Save up to £120 with a course of 6

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